Domain controller on centos?

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Domain controller on centos?

Post by slice16 » 2006/06/13 09:51:45

I am wanting to setup a whole domain using only linux systems. Is this possible to setup? If so, what kind of packages should i be looking out for?

At the moment, we have teh systems with no central authentication (other than file level), could do with something like AD.


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Re: Domain controller on centos?

Post by foxb » 2006/06/13 13:17:17

If you want DNS domain you need named

AD is LDAP ---> OpenLDAP

How to set it up ---> read documentaion

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Re: Domain controller on centos?

Post by wizard » 2006/08/18 16:10:58

[quote]AD is LDAP ---> OpenLDAP[/quote]

Although AD is LDAP-compliant a samba server cannot participate as a domain controller in a native Win2k or later domain.

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