laptop touchpad

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laptop touchpad

Post by ripock » 2006/06/08 10:55:18

I recently switched from Windows to Linux. In Windows I was able to configure my touchpad so that it did not do any clicking when I tapped it (I'm old-fashioned and I click the button when I want to click). I am being driven crazy in Linux because whenever I move the cursor with the touchpad, I'm highlighting and clicking everything. I've played around with the config.mouse utility but I cannot stop the tapping. I believe I may be able to disable the touchpad but I don't want that; I only want to stop the tapping. Does anyone have a solution aside from disabling the touchpad and using a mouse through my USB port?

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laptop touchpad

Post by foxb » 2006/06/08 13:58:56

Probably your touchpad is not recognized correctly/missing drivers.

Check manufacturer web site/search internet/ for drivers.

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