SAMBA newbie question.

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SAMBA newbie question.

Post by tiagoaleks » 2006/06/02 14:31:31

Sorry if this is a basic or repeated question, but I didn't find any help for this yet.

The problem is that I have a Centos machine authenticating in a Windows 2003 Domain, but when I logon in that machine it gives an error that it cannot create my home under "/home/DOMAIN/user", but my biggest problem isn't this one. What i would like to do is have my home directory pointing to a file share on another server. And, if possible, making this happen for everyone of the domain that logs in the Centos machine.

The intention is to start implementing Linux in a Microsoft "dominated" institution, so anybody that would like to try Linux could do it in the most "transparent" way. They could login and access directly their documents without having to browse too much the filesystem. The scheme we currently have is that when they logon on a Windows machine a drive gets mapped directly to their area on the network share, otherwise they start saving files on locally, and my thought was to make a similar situation in linux.

I am authenticating with winbind, but I am no sure if and how define this in the smb.conf.

Thank you for any help.
Tiago Aleks.

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