Customization of First Boot Modules

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Customization of First Boot Modules

Post by lusis » 2006/05/30 18:13:58

Hi all,

We're using CentOS 4 for retail workstations after running Fedora Core 1 for 2 years. One thing that I would like to do is customize the firstboot/Setup Agent process.

I've dug around in the python scripts and googled around a bit but I've not found anything about how to disable certain modules and add custom modules. We want to use firstboot/Setup Agent like a Windows mini-setup. We only need specific information to be entered and to have the display recalibrated but otherwise keep everything else the same as already exists on the image.

I'm comfortable with forcing Setup Agent to run at next boot and this is simply the last step we have.

Any documentation pointers would be prefered but I'm also comfortable with someone just providing an example walkthrough.

Thanks in advance.

John E. Vincent

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