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Not even a question

Post by riluve » 2006/05/16 15:36:50

Congrats to me (and those who helped)! I got all my important software working on CentOS4 and I feel kinda happy to be waving good-bye to RHEL.

So I come into the office this morning and I see other people wearing their kool industyr T-Shirts and I am thinking I need a CentOS4 T-Shirt! The only thing is, well, I don't mean to be offensive (sorry), but the CentOS Logo is kinda clinical. I mean obviously someone put a lot of thought, effort and work into it, but it seems more like it was engineerned, not designed.

Anyway, I hope not to cause a stink, but I took it upon myself to draw up a logo with a little more splash but built off the original. Just something I thought might be nice on a T-shirt.

I know this sounds petty/shallow, but after all MS got to be king through flashy marketing junk, so maybe a logo with mass appeal might give CentOS a boost as well. Have you seen the new BSD logos lately? They are freaking kool.

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Not even a question

Post by grabber » 2006/05/30 13:32:50

Well done buddy.

I like it.

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