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Live CD feedback

Post by tomcat » 2006/05/16 05:23:25

Not sure just who is your targeted user type, but here is some feedback from a desktop user who uses Linux Live daily.

I've spent a couple hours with CentOS Live, using desktop software. Things are mostly very cool! My problems could probably be easily resolved if the CentOS staff is inclined to do so. Of course, it could be that what is a problem to me is a design feature to system administrator-types.

The biggest "problem" I have is the fact that CentOS Live configuration save ("Save Local Data") does not save configuration settings for
- printer
- dialup

Another "problem" is related to USB flash drives with write protect switch. If Cent OS Live is booted with a USB flash drive with write-protect on, then switching to write-protect off is not automatically recognized by CentOS. So, unless one resorts to root command line manipulations, booting with a write-protect switch on means that the configuration cannot be saved (on that particular flash drive).

The CentOS staff made some excellent feature choices:
- Open Office (!)
- ability to run from RAM
- easy configuration save menu item
- automatic configuration search at boot

CentOS Live has avoided problems that exist with some other popular live distros. Video problems with nf4/PCIe/nvidia6200tc can easily be tamed. No problem finding or using a saved config when using the toram cheatcode. No problem with dcop.

It's cool that CentOS Live includes both Gnome and KDE, even if KDE has some nitpicky issues (no ksnapshot, and kwrite missing from menu).

Very impressive release!

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