ttfonts-zh_CN contains illegal fonts

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ttfonts-zh_CN contains illegal fonts

Post by Whistler » 2006/05/06 05:18:37


One of the Chinese fonts, which is included with the original Red Hat Enterprise Linux and not removed from the latest CentOS, is not free software and under a proprietary license.

[quote]License of Use

GB18030-2000 TrueType Chinese Character Song Font was appraised by China
authorized department and tested by National Center for Quality Supervision and
Inspection of Chinese Information Processing Products, which was designed and
manufactured by Beijing Zhong Yi Electronics Co. and up to China National
Standard. Beijing Zhong Yi Electronics Co. agrees to grant a license to Red Hat
Inc. to use, copy, distribute and sell above mentioned GB18030-2000 True Type
Chinese Character Song Font in all its products and software under its name. It
is only usage right was licensed to Red Hat Inc. The copyright in which is owned
by Beijing Electronics Co.

Beijing Zhong Yi Electronics Co.

To be exact, it's the "zysong.ttf" one.

I would recommend replacing this font with the "AR PL New Sung" one, which can be downloaded from here:

EDIT: The fonts included with Fedora Core 5 are pretty good too and are also free software. Check out their fonts-chinese package. :)


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Re: ttfonts-zh_CN contains illegal fonts

Post by beranger » 2006/06/30 13:38:10

[b]Shouldn't this be reported as a bug[/b], here:
so that the folks will take care of it for CentOS4.4?

(I'm new here, don't shout. But I guess this "Debian" way should work here too.)

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