Are there shops in Mexico??

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Are there shops in Mexico??

Post by Juyoliko » 2006/04/17 10:37:23

Hi! I'm from Mexico city and I have seen that in the "Where to buy CDs or DVDs" section it's listed Mexico but there's no shop anounced for this region. I wanna know if you are in some prospect to sell CentOS in Mexico 'cause I can't download it from the mirrors in the net. I hope that someone can answer me and (overall) can understand my "little bit english" that I've learn from the public schools...jaja!!
So, essencially my questions are:

1.- There are some place whee I can buy Centos??? If the answer its "yes".....can you tell me where and when???
2.- Do you think that Centos 4.2 can it be installed in a "Acer Aspire" notebook???

Well, I hink that it's all (by now)......Congratu lations for Centos and the page !!!

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Are there shops in Mexico??

Post by Lenard » 2006/04/17 22:48:40

Sorry cannot help you with the where to buy part (except maybe cheapbytes).

But as far as an Acer Aspire laptop, CentOS should install just fine, CentOS-4.3 x86_84 is installed on my Acer Aspire 5000 which I'm using it to reply.

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Re: Are there shops in Mexico??

Post by WhatsHisName » 2006/04/18 22:18:57

At least one of the Canadian stores listed on the CentOS site offers international shipping at a reasonable price.


Assuming that NAFTA covers a Canada-to-Mexico sale, there shouldn’t be a importation customs issue.

My experience with purchases mailed from Canada is that they take a few extra days to get here, as compared to domestic mail shipments coming a similar distance.

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