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Which Centos to use

Posted: 2006/03/25 13:47:49
by mkavousanakis
Hi, although I am "Computer Proffesional" for many years now I feel ashamed for knowing almost nothing about linux. I'm trying to get rid of MS environment the last year as a user ,developer ,administrator and engineer. I would ask you to excuse me in advance for a series of silly questions I may make from now on.
Trying to migrate from MS to Linux I found that the best choice I had for Enterprice purposes was CentOS I've already downloaded CentOS 4, but before formating one of my existing Servers I would like to ask"Which release of CentOS would be the best to install 3 or 4"
Thanx in advance

Re: Which Centos to use

Posted: 2006/03/25 17:31:02
by Lenard
IMHO CentOS-4.3 (the latest) of course.

You do realize that it is quite possible to dual boot your server. 10-20-gigs of free unformatted space is more then enough to get started with everything installed. A blank unformatted hard drive can be used for the Linux for dual booting.

Welcome to Linux

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Which Centos to use

Posted: 2006/06/05 11:17:15
by osde-info
Depends on your hardware. I can't get a Toshiba Tecra 8000 or Toshiba Satellite L20-268 working with 4.3 however they both partially work with 3.7.

However I'd recommend trying CentOS on a VM first to see if you 'like it' before having to rebuild / reinstall any hardware. There are even of plenty pre-built CentOS based VMs you can download from VMware such as Asterisk,, etc etc PLUS VMware Player and VMware Server are currently free-of-charge.

PS I've now got my Toshiba Satellite L20-268 'fully' working with Ubuntu 6.06 - I hope that Red Hat and CentOS will put those ATI video,sound,modem & Atheros WiFi drivers in their next release so I can switch back to CentOS !