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CentOS group on Flickr

Posted: 2006/02/22 20:09:41
by kOoLiNuS
Hi to everyone,
I'm sad to say that I went a little away from this community of free software people. But I still digg it, and still invite people to try it when it comes to server administation.

Now, as many of you know, Flickr is a social aggregator, showing to the world the photos of various people and giving them the possibility to browse the insane amount of photo uploaded there with TAGS.

It was interesting to me to create some communities/group on that service so, aftet the opensuse and mandriva one, today chatting with z00dax it has come to my mind that maybe someone could be interested to a CentOS Flickr Group. So here it is:

Now, if you're already a Flickr user and want to associate one of your photos to the group it is possible.

In my mind one can post screenshot (but watch for the policy on that), his centos server, his centos t-shirt, a LUG talk, and "social" funny stuff related to CentOS. By any means i DO NOT want to take away anything from anyone, but only to give a reference .... If the group will remain empty it's the same from me!


Re: CentOS group on Flickr

Posted: 2006/02/24 00:32:59
by kOoLiNuS
while browsing aroud today I've also found:

[url=]Frappr! Centos Users group[/url]

it's a site that builds itself on the google maps APIs trying to make something more interesting of it ...

CentOS group on Flickr

Posted: 2006/03/08 16:43:21
by osde-info
Great idea - I've just joined your flickr and frappr groups

Re: CentOS group on Flickr

Posted: 2006/09/13 14:18:32
by kOoLiNuS
Hi people,
with the help of 2 friends of mine I've realized two versions of CentOS buttons to insert in your signature on forums or your blog or whatever. Obviously they are visible on the group photo pool and here it is a sneak peek:


- [img][/img]

and two:

- [img][/img]

Enjoy !