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sms gateway

Post by vwvr9 » 2006/02/05 17:15:27

Hey guys, need some advice.

I'm planning to start a partime sms business. Basicly I'll be sending out events and invites for a few clubs around my area. I will also be receiving incoming sms in the future and i want to be able to process these sms and update a poll or survey or a webpage with the results.

The backend will most probally be MySQL and my app will be written in PHP.

Can anyone advice me on a good sms gateway app for linux please??

Is KANNEL the only good one out there?? The probelm with Kannel was that i did not see anyway to write the incoming sms to my MySQL DB. Can someone help me out with this??

I also looked at Ultrasms, anything on this??

Thanks guys and adios....

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