CentOS 4 based Asterisk@Home distro has SugarCRM pre-installed

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CentOS 4 based Asterisk@Home distro has SugarCRM pre-install

Post by osde-info » 2006/01/25 09:41:17

So if anyone wants to try out SugarCRM (regardless of the Asterisk\@Home VOIP PBX features) you can without installing anything at all.

Just build a physical machine (or virtual machine) from the Asterisk\@Home ISO

It asks you no questions ! You just reboot, change the passwords, yum update and navigate to the http://sugar/crm webpage !

Thank you - Thank you - Asterisk, Asterisk\@Home, CentOS and SugarCRM for making my life much easier

See http://del.icio.us/osde.info/asterisk for more Asterisk links

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