I have donwload CentOS from ftp, and what i do now??

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I have donwload CentOS from ftp, and what i do now??

Post by Maxik » 2006/01/20 16:11:44

i'm only a newbie, with 17 yrs old

i recently have download the four isos and i don't know what i do now ... what i do with these isos???

please someone can send me the steps that i wil do with these

i know that i have to record it into cd's

but i don't know the metthod of writting ad carateristics

or only record as a simply iso as the cd's that i do for myself

please help me

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I have donwload CentOS from ftp, and what i do now??

Post by btberlin » 2006/01/25 01:36:08

Here, generally, are the steps.

Use a CD burning program which allows you to "burn image to disk."

Using each iso image, and the "burn image to disk" function, create four cd's.

CD number 1 is bootable.

Place it in the cd reader drive, and reboot your computer. Make certain that your BIOS is set to "boot from CD" as its first option ( otherwise the computer will boot from the hard disk, and whatever operating system is already loaded)

The installer will ask you if you want to validate the CD to make certain it has no errors. I would answer "yes" to this, and allow the disk to be checked. You will be prompted in turn for each CD.
After the check process, you will be returned to a text screen with several choices.

Pick the GUI install choice.

You will then enter the install process.

If you have enough disk space, I would install ALL packages. This may save you some trouble later.

When the installation is done using all the disks, you will be prompted to reboot.

REmove the last CD from the drive, and reboot.

YOu should now be in CentOS.

If you are still having problems, try asking more questions in this forum.


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