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Web Radio

Posted: 2006/01/08 10:44:57
by olorin
Hi, I'm rather new to CentOS, and linux in general, up to now only having used samba as a free m$ server.
But now I need to set up a server that would broadcast several channels of webradio (mp3 playlists) over the net to my users.
I'm running CentOS4.2, a new box on co-location (after I set it up to work properly).

The question is - does Cent OS have anything cpable of fulfilling my task built in, and if not - what do I need to install?

Re: Web Radio

Posted: 2006/01/08 23:37:12
by scronline That's the best way to have some radio shows/playlists going. If you have the bandwidth/desire you can create your own radio station complete with DJs and all that.

Re: Web Radio

Posted: 2006/01/23 08:59:48
by olorin
Thank you for the brief answer, though mine wasn't so brief :)
Anyhow, from what I've seen of Shoutcast - it's a server that receives radiostreams from other computers running winamp with a plugin, and b-casts it over the www. What I'm trying to build is a server that just b-casts several streams from several playlists on it's own, no outside "DJ's". Something autonomous and fully automatic.