CentOS o WhiteBox

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CentOS o WhiteBox

Post by Nilo » 2005/12/29 22:03:39

I've two questions,
1.- is there CentOS. org in spanish? (so please excuse by my english)
2.- I been worked whit White Box 3.0 respin 1 and all was good, but now I've a new conection to internet whit a adsl modem and I has want to upgrade my distro to White Box 4.0 but its repository is not updated whit the last versions. so I listen abaout CentOS. I'm download it now, but I want to know if CentOS is the same that White Box or better or worse. What is the difference? if CentOS is better o equal I must download only the first 4 disc o too the server disc
Thanks a lot and Happy new Year 2006

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Re: CentOS o WhiteBox

Post by scronline » 2005/12/31 22:23:47

It appears to be the same but it has more maintainers than Whitebox. I checked out whitebox last night and it seemed to be run by only one person. Not that it's a bad thing, but one person can get overwhelmed much easier than several.

I don't know about language, but I assume it is in spanish as I saw it as an option when I installed it on a test server last night. Unless you're talking about the site, which I doubt it's in spanish at this time. I guess you can look at it as a chance to improve your English? :)

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CentOS o WhiteBox

Post by eperez » 2006/01/25 18:17:12

ok, I guess you are asking for a centos forum in spanish. I guess not. Not yet.

I have contacted centos people two times asking them to help with support in spanish, I mean, to open a new forum, in spanish, so people can ask questions in spanish. This may help spanish speaking community to grow a bit. I still waiting for them to contact me, it will be good.

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