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Make troubles

Posted: 2005/12/04 06:01:48
by iansoundz
I need to do this:

make - C /usr/src/linux- 'uname -r' SUBDIRS='pwd' modules

And I get:

make: *** /usr/src/linux-2.6.9-11.EL: No such file or directory. stop.

I then go look and of course there is no such file. I realize that is because this instruction was for a different distro. I am using CentOs.

The problem is that I cannot find this file!! I wonder how I will execute make for the module that I need to for?

I even did a:

find / -type f -name linux* and I don't even see something that remotely resembles this file. Yet I know it must be there somewhere. What can I do? Any help is always appreciated.