(OT) Open port in PIX firewall

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(OT) Open port in PIX firewall

Post by aisalen » 2005/12/02 00:27:43

Hi, will anyone have ideas how to open port in PIX firewall. What I want is to give access to one of my user to use his VPN client to access outside VPN server. We also use squid proxy for the user access on the internet. Please need help. Thanks.

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(OT) Open port in PIX firewall

Post by ftanner » 2005/12/20 20:51:55

The first, and most important question, is what type of VPN? Is it an SSL based VPN, an IP-Sec based VPN, or a PPTP based VPN?

While the creation of the rules themselves are the same, the ports are very different.

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Re: (OT) Open port in PIX firewall

Post by btberlin » 2006/01/25 01:43:05

The very first thing you need to do, after you figure out exactly WHAT you have to do (which port for example), is to determine whether you have support for the Cisco PIX. If not, you will need to get help from someone who is familiar with PIX configuration - which is not trivial. If you do have support, call Cisco and open an incident ticket. They will get back to you and help you configure as required - but you need to know first what it is you want to accomplish.

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