Need help understanding Kernel version error

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Need help understanding Kernel version error

Post by iansoundz » 2005/12/01 06:32:23


I am running CentOS version 4.1 with Kernel version 2.6.9-11.EL.
I am trying to install a license server. When I attempt installation I immediately get this error:

Checking platform for correct operating system version...
ERROR: Linux kernel must be 2.2.12 or later!

This particular software says requirements are for eith HP Unix or RedHat.

I don't see why that this, being CentOS, instead of RedHat would cause this to happen. Anyone have any ideas of why the install script thinks this is not the kernel version that it is??? I was told on this Forum that CentOS is essentially RedHat. Where is the script looking to find the kernel version? Is there somewhere I can make a change so that the Install script sees that this is the right Kernel version? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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Need help understanding Kernel version error

Post by w5set » 2005/12/01 22:22:30

you could try adding (with gedit or your favorite editor)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4 (Nahant)
under whatever is there (Centos stuff) to the /etc/redhat-release text file.
also this is the same file the "Noseguy" screen saver reads and displays (with other stuff too)
when he stops and "says" the text stuff...

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