Canon printer drivers

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Canon printer drivers

Post by paul1 » 2005/10/31 08:55:55

I am haveing trouble getting the correct drivers for my canon i560 printer. Also I need to install and
Can anyone help. I am running Centos 4.1

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Re: Canon printer drivers

Post by MisterQ » 2006/01/06 01:03:41

May I also say "Ditto" on this. I have a Canon i850, which is connected to my LAN via a Dlink DP300 Print Server. I would love to have any sort of printing functionality from my linux system.


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Canon printer drivers

Post by Paul_Vandenberg » 2006/03/15 01:08:09

Probably not the answer you want, but I found proprietary drivers at They are free to try. Anything above low quality gets printed with a Turboprint logo on it. I ended up shelling out 29 euros for a license to stop that. I can confirm that both of your printers are supported. I don't mind paying money for good software and these drivers are excellent. My PIXMA iP2000 prints beautifully.


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Re: Canon printer drivers

Post by phoenix » 2006/03/15 20:23:59

I would agree, Turboprint is an excellent piece of software and it saves spending hours looking for drivers. It's the easiest method of installing printers on Linux - well worth the money. :-)

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Re: Canon printer drivers

Post by foxb » 2006/04/24 19:40:37

I found this on the net

Hope it will help

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