User Permission issue with Oracle connectivity from Java + Cent OS

Installation and support for Oracle DB on CentOS.
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User Permission issue with Oracle connectivity from Java + C

Post by zunilp » 2007/10/12 09:06:50

Hi ,
I am facing a peculiar issue and since I am new to Cent OS, I hope somebody can help me.
I am using Cent OS 4.2 and I installed Oracle client 10.2 in cent os 4.2.
I am having a java application which connects to Oracle server in another Linux system using Oracle OCI driver which comes along with Oracle client
I have a user called user1 which belongs to group group1 as primary group and my application runs under this user user1.
This user is a member of oinstall group (which is the group for oracle uesr which has access to oracle client directories/files)

But when my application tries to connect to Oracle server, I am getting connectivity error saying "Oracle driver not found" or "cannot load". All environment variables like ORACLE_HOME, PATH,CLASSPATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH are set properly.

The permissions to Oracle folder/files are rwx for owner(oracle user) , rx for group(oinstall) and none for others
What we observed are
1. When the application is start under root user, it works
2. When we give rx permission, it works
3. When we make oinstall group as the primary group for my user user1, it works

My questions here
1. Why it is not working even though my user user1 is a member of oinstall group
2. Why it is working when I make oinstall as the primary group
3. Is there any difference in security policy of RHEL and Cent OS
4. How can I access libraries from multiple folders which created by different user and belongs to different groups, if this is the case

I never faced this issue in RHEL4

Hope some body can help me.


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