Oracle performance on CentOS Linux

Installation and support for Oracle DB on CentOS.
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Oracle performance on CentOS Linux

Post by masand » 2006/12/23 13:34:32

HI all,

I have been using Oracle 10g with RAC/Non-RAC for a quiet long time now on Redhat 4.2
Recently I was working with Oracle 10gR2 on CentOS 4.2.

Now I had a setup for
Oracle 10g R2 32 bit(Non RAC) with CentOS 4.2 32 bit. (new setup)


Oracle 10gR2 64 bit (RAC) with RHEL 4.2 (old setup)

The old setup was working fine. but the performance of the new setup is not upto that mark.
Whenever a new connection is instantiated, it takes too long to respond.once connected it works fine..
While the old setup was working fine at all times.

I have tested the new setup with 64 bit Oracle and 64 bit Centos but the performance is not good.
I even tried out with RAC,but of no use.

configuration of Oracle is same on both machines...
I have tried catching people at Oracle ,but no problem was found with Oracle.

I have tried all possible options of setup and I realize that something is not fine with CentOS.

Any suggestions?



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Oracle performance on CentOS Linux

Post by jojonsso » 2007/03/13 09:56:26

Try set tcp.nodelay=yes in sqlnet.ora

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Re: Oracle performance on CentOS Linux

Post by rwendel » 2007/03/18 03:28:15

Did you make the suggested kernel argument changes made in the Oracle Database installation guide?

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