Server Crash

Installation and support for Oracle DB on CentOS.
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Server Crash

Post by raheel » 2006/12/11 20:25:45

HI gurus,
after updating server with yum uprade command in centos server 4,when i reboot my centos machine there were no root user and infact there were no users ....!
whatz the matter is this.... any geek here to explain........!

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Server Crash

Post by RAID-5 » 2007/02/28 06:07:29

Umm... this look like weird! This never happen to me befire and don't know what's going on... I would certainly try to boot on CentOS CD/DVD in rescue mode using "linux rescue" cmd and restore passwd, group, shadow and gshadow files located in /etc if you got backup. You can also try to reset root password and reboot.

Hope this help.

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