Oracle not accept the Kurnel-Parameteres

Installation and support for Oracle DB on CentOS.
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Oracle not accept the Kurnel-Parameteres

Post by tuxianer » 2006/11/22 15:52:43

Hi together

I installed CentOS 4 on a VMWare-Server-Installation under W2k to "play" a little bit with an Oracle-Database.

Now, as i run the Oracle-Installer, he gave me some warnings:
Checking kernel parameters
Checking for semmsl=250; found semmsl=250. Passed
Checking for semmns=32000; found semmns=32000. Passed
Checking for semopm=100; found semopm=32. Failed <<<<
Checking for semmni=128; found semmni=128. Passed
Checking for shmmax=536870912; found shmmax=33554432. Failed <<<<
Checking for shmmni=4096; found shmmni=4096. Passed
Checking for shmall=2097152; found shmall=2097152. Passed
Checking for file-max=65536; found file-max=50863. Failed <<<<
Checking for VERSION=2.6.9; found VERSION=2.6.9-42.EL. Passed
Checking for ip_local_port_range=1024 - 65000; found ip_local_port_range=32768 - 61000. Failed <<<<
Checking for rmem_default=262144; found rmem_default=110592. Failed <<<<
Checking for rmem_max=262144; found rmem_max=131071. Failed <<<<
Checking for wmem_default=262144; found wmem_default=110592. Failed <<<<
Checking for wmem_max=262144; found wmem_max=131071. Failed <<<<
Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Failed <<<<
Problem: The kernel parameters do not meet the minimum requirements (see above).
Recommendation: Perform operating system specific instructions to update the kernel parameters.

Well, because i'm realy a newbie in the Linux-Administration, i've got no plan how i can change this parameters. I try it in the boot-file /boot/grub.conf. In the line which start with kernel, i placed on the end this parameters, but without sucess.

Can someone help me to describe as easiest as possible how i can change these 8 parameters.

thanks a lot

greets from switzerland

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Oracle not accept the Kurnel-Parameteres

Post by mariano » 2006/11/22 16:15:58

This doc explain how to change them:

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Re: Oracle not accept the Kurnel-Parameteres

Post by tuxianer » 2006/11/22 19:44:30

Thanks a lot!

Now its running.

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