Success Stories

Installation and support for Oracle DB on CentOS.
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Success Stories

Post by OraISV » 2006/02/16 22:39:31

Oracle may never "certify" CentOS, but we, as a community of users, can share enough
information to build a similar level of trust. My own opinion is that too many people
have worked for free for too long on Linux to have it ever become a proprietary platform.

So, Please use this thread to tell others:

How you are using CentOS and Oracle? Are you using machines in production?

How many machines, and for how long?

If you installed both on RedHat and on Centos, did you find any differences?


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Re: Success Stories

Post by hughesjr » 2006/02/21 02:32:53

I have been in contact with Oracle to ask how CentOS might become a officially supported OS. Their response was that CentOS must show a demand for that support.

So, this is our first attempt at showing Oracle that there is a demand for Oracle on CentOS.

If you are using Oracle on CentOS, please detail it here ... also be sure to detail it on the Oracle website in their forums.

Thanks to Bob for asking for and helping maintain this forum.

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Re: Success Stories

Post by etangle » 2006/06/27 07:07:39

I Installed Oracle9 R2 on CentOS 4.3 (installed on VMWare Workstation5.5) successfully following the procedure explained in the following website:

[url=]Dizwell Informatics[/url]

I also installed Oracle10g R2 on CentOS 4.3 (installed on VMWare Workstation 5.5)successfully. Both are working fine...

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Re: Success Stories

Post by Gopal » 2006/07/22 14:01:14

I have successfully installed 10g CRS , 10g Database ( had to do it manually on a single node, now the attempt is to go for 2 nodes).

No issues so far with the database, centOS seems to be quite stable.

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Re: Success Stories

Post by Gopal » 2006/08/03 06:30:28

OK , thanks to CENTOS my 2 Node RAC Cluster is up and RUNNING.

Go Centos.

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Re: Success Stories

Post by mrtoai » 2006/12/11 09:13:44

Just another good news ...

I ordered Dell E520n (no OS)
Tried to install RHEL3_U7 and failed (Keep asking for Intell Disk Controller -- so RH did not find the SATA hardisk).
Then download Latest CentOS 4.4.
Install Centos OK except that it did not recognize the Intell Ethernet card built-in by Dell E520n.
With no luck on making the NIC work after a few hours ...
Decided to put a DLINK ethernet card (got it from DSL order long time ago) and it works like a charm.
Then install oracle db with a small issue (need to install glibc-headers and libaio rpm).

NOW i GOT Centos 4.4 & Oracle working ....

Excellent job CentOS team!


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Re: Success Stories

Post by aivars » 2007/01/03 14:16:05

I can share info that CentOS is very stable platform for Oracle 9 and Oracle 10. I have strong positive experience in using many Oracle DB installations on Centos 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 (all versions are 32-bit, and all cpus are Intel P-3 and P-4). Mainly for development needs and functional testing. However also for stress testing Centos platform shows enough stability, and I think that Centos is absolutely ready for production environments. In my company time of using CenOS platform is aprox. one year.

WBR to CentOS, Aivars

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Re: Success Stories

Post by msanchezo » 2007/01/13 12:11:54

i have a trafic and tickets system running on aplication express,
S.O = Cent os 4.4

six month ago ,i dont have any problem , with 120 users , i dont have any crash .

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Re: Success Stories

Post by mariano » 2007/01/13 17:37:21

Related to the last post, you can even get packaged application to install in oracle and apex:

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Re: Success Stories

Post by Alvis » 2007/02/12 07:59:05

DELL PE 6950 (Quad Dual-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 8212)
CentOS 4.4
Oracle 10GR2

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