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CentOS and Oracle 10g (AS/RAC/PORTAL/REPORTS)

Posted: 2005/03/16 20:30:48
by jofi
As far i can see i only have to add the /etc/redhat-version file to get it running. And since I with few problems did get it up and running on a slakware 10.1 i guess it would be a walk in the park to get it running on CentOS but since I have limited time to try new things out I thought i should check with you guys if there are any hickups and adjustments needed to get this show on the road.


Johan Fischer

Re: CentOS and Oracle 10g (AS/RAC/PORTAL/REPORTS)

Posted: 2005/03/18 14:59:16
by devil
works cool

3:58pm up 37 days, 5:20, 6 users, load average: 2.74, 2.22, 2.22 ;-)

Re: CentOS and Oracle 10g (AS/RAC/PORTAL/REPORTS)

Posted: 2005/04/03 15:50:04
by greatguangong
it's good to know oracle db works like charm on centos. had only rhel3 CDs. can't get my hands on rhel4. centos 4, here i come!

Re: CentOS and Oracle 10g (AS/RAC/PORTAL/REPORTS)

Posted: 2005/07/20 19:13:15
by nickorossa

Presumably you created the file because the installer threw an error about not being certified/supported etc under CentOS. You can also get around this by specifying -ignoreSysPrereqs on the command line with ./runInstaller.


Re: CentOS and Oracle 10g (AS/RAC/PORTAL/REPORTS)

Posted: 2005/12/17 17:09:05
by lnthai2002
Some people say that i should not turn the check off. So how can i write the rehat-version(or redhat-release) file? I meant the contain of the file

Re: CentOS and Oracle 10g (AS/RAC/PORTAL/REPORTS)

Posted: 2006/02/16 15:54:13
by kingsteve233
I know this is a really old topic, but what information do I need to know about creating this redhat file so Oracle 10g can install? I'm about to be involved in a migration project where we will be moving from 9i->10g and I'd like to know for sure if CentOS will be a solid OS to install, or if I should just spend the time and get RHEL4 App Server up and running.

Nice forums, btw :D

Re: CentOS and Oracle 10g (AS/RAC/PORTAL/REPORTS)

Posted: 2006/02/16 22:28:01
by OraISV
On CentOS 4.2:

We installed Oracle 10G database version
And Forms & Reports server version 10.1.2

The Oracle verification script did not flag CentOS 4.2 as being a problem.
Maybe this red hat file is no longer needed.

- Bob