How to create image, ghost software ?

Support for the other architectures (X86_64, s390(x) and PowerPC)
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How to create image, ghost software ?

Post by aprt » 2007/04/12 11:44:44


I have DELL 2950 SERVER, 2 Intel Xeon Dual core, 4GB RAM, 3 Disk SATA 2 500GB, RAID 5.
I instal CentOS 4.4 Server x86_64 + all software (MySQL, Apache2, Tomcat ...)

I want to create IMAGE of all the system, anybody can help how to do it ?
(which ghost software, how to install it, how to use it)

Thank you very much.

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How to create image, ghost software ?

Post by pjwelsh » 2007/04/12 13:11:11

Watch the double posts, please...

You have optons like "Ghost for Linux" (G4L) or "Ghost for Unix" (G4U) or Symantic Ghost (pay for product). There are others like Amanda or BRU IIRC. Go to "" (not .com) and search for stuff like "backup" or "recovery" or "bare metal" etc.

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