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CentOS 5 for PowerPC?

Posted: 2007/03/30 06:04:58
by jimk
Does anybody know if there are plans for a PowerPC version of CentoOS? I tried the beta version of CentOS 4, but after what appeared to be a successful install, I could not boot it. It was as if a bootloader was never installed. So now I'm running Debian on my ancient G3 iMac. It works fine, but I'd really rather have Red you-know-what.

I know PPC is almost a dead architecture, but I it would be a shame to lose another distro for it.

Re: CentOS 5 for PowerPC?

Posted: 2007/04/06 20:06:36
by toracat
Here is a question and a reply posted by a centos developer on April 4, 2007.

> - CentOS-4 has no ppc binaries. Is it due to lack of hardware and/or
> time
> or is it a technical or political decision? In other words, if I
> manage to complete CentOS-5.ppc, would the core team be interested in
> adding it to the binary distribution?

we are going to do a ppc release, adn are already working on it.

CentOS 5 for PowerPC?

Posted: 2007/04/07 18:51:05
by arrfab
I guess you'll find the following link very interesting ....