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Posted: 2006/12/30 10:57:21
by supercandeggina
Does urlview work on Centos 4.4 ? it doesn't parse any email, I get segmentation fault. Compilation works fine.
$ tar xzvf urlview-0.9.orig
$ cd urlview-0.9.orig
$ ./configure && make
# checkinstall -install

Thanks in advance.


Posted: 2006/12/30 14:28:09
by Lenard
Any reason not to use mutt????

For example:

$ rpm -qlip mutt-1.4.1-11.rhel4.x86_64.rpm | grep urlview
warning: mutt-1.4.1-11.rhel4.x86_64.rpm: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 443e1821

Re: urlview

Posted: 2006/12/31 12:27:14
by supercandeggina
Right Lenard, but my mutt 1.5.12 compiled from source, is pached with lunar-mutt-sidebar for mutt 1.5.12. I can't found a sidebar patch for mutt 1.4.1. Thanks and happy new year.