CentOS 4 Server on 586 architecture

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CentOS 4 Server on 586 architecture

Post by Molnitza » 2006/12/09 14:57:37


I want to install the CentOS 4 Server CD on an 586 architectured laptop. Is this possible? Which ISO file I have to download?

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CentOS 4 Server on 586 architecture

Post by Lenard » 2006/12/09 17:43:11

Yes it is possible, please review the Installation Guides for CentOS 3 and 4 to see if your laptop meets the specs.


Basically for the CentOS-3 installation you will want at least 128-MB of RAM and for CentOS-4 at least 256-MB of RAM.

Get at least the latest server CD ISO version of which ever you choose, the rest can be installed directly with the use of yum. Choose a mirror location close to where you are and download either the CentOS-3.8-server-i386.iso or the CentOS-4.4.ServerCD-i386.iso

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