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c4.4 Live CD installation???

Posted: 2006/11/10 20:30:08
by eder
Hopefully this is the right group for this question. If not please forgive me.

I would like to install Centos 4.4 onto my laptop. Unfortunatley it only has a 4 Gig HD. Therefore I thought
I could use the 4.4 Live CD. Can someone tell me how to install this onto my HD? I don't see any obvious
icons or in the YUM part.

I am relatively new to linux but do have a little understanding of SUN OS.


c4.4 Live CD installation???

Posted: 2006/11/10 20:35:14
by foxb
CentOS live CD is not intended for installation...

But you CAN install CentOS on 4G drive just carefully select your packages.---> just example are you need KDE and GNOME or JUST XFCE as desktop?

Re: c4.4 Live CD installation???

Posted: 2006/11/10 21:19:34
by eder
Initially I did load C4.4 from the 4CD set I burned and did use the Desktop setup option, but it still
took up about 3.5 gig. I was hoping for a more condensed version of Centos as that is what we
are doing some dev work on at work. I know this group is for the Centos S/W but I did try the
latest version of Mandriva Live CD which does have an install option but there were too many
pop up error messages.

Thanks anyways. I guess the search continues. :-?

Re: c4.4 Live CD installation???

Posted: 2006/11/13 16:00:15
by foxb
What you could do is following:

1. Start new instal
2. On packages part select custom
3. deselect all packages
4. Continue

The result will be minimal installation probably less than 1G

But you may need x
then do
yum grouplist


yum groupinstall

on the groups needed like X and XFCE probably development etc.... this should end arround 2.5-3G suitable for 4G drive