multi arch packages not getting installed at kickstart

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multi arch packages not getting installed at kickstart

Post by mselby » 2006/08/25 18:40:44

I am building a set of new servers which are opteron based. I have a x86_64 Cetos 4.3 kicktree. I have a custom comps.xml that I have been using with the i386 kicktree for quite some time now with no problems. When I kickstart the opteron servers using my custom comps.xml I do not get any of the multi arch packages installed. One example is glibc. I get the x86_64 version installed but the i386 rpm is not. When I revert to the default comps.xml all the extra i386 packages get installed.

While I can just install the extra i386 package (need some 32 bit library support) I can not figure out why the multi architecture packages are not getting installed. This is not a basearch-only issue as that does not exist for the packages in question.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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