FireFox java pluggin AMD64

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Re: FireFox java pluggin AMD64

Post by WhatsHisName » 2007/03/11 21:22:03

In addition to having unplanned 3rd-party updates bite me on the rear occasionally, minimizing 3rd-party repo usage also tends to make doing OS version-upgrades using yum easier.

Since you often have to uninstall the 3rd-party packages to do the yum-based version-upgrades in the FC-series, I assume the same will be true for yum upgrading to the upcoming CentOS5 release...

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Re: FireFox java pluggin AMD64

Post by Lenard » 2007/03/12 10:58:28

So far, working with the 5 betas it turns out to a bit more flexible and capable with some third party repos. Many have spent a good deal of time working out some of the package version issues (but not all). It is still a good idea to keep third party repos disabled by default with a few exceptions (rpmforge for example).

I will suggest that a clean install of the upcoming 5 release be done instead of upgrading. The changes from 4 to 5 are major, sorta of like jumping from Fedora Core 3 to Fedora Core 6.

I am still trying to decide if I will be RHEL, CentOS or Scientific Linux based when all the 5 versions are released, all are that great and stable. The only concern or issue I still have are some of the package requirement/dependenency bundling in a multi-lib environment. Far to many packages still are installed by default but not really needed, but that's separate issue.

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Re: FireFox java pluggin AMD64

Post by xynapz » 2007/04/06 12:59:15

sorry for not replying sooner,

i use fedoracore 6 64bit aswell - same solution just install the 32 bit version of firefox. then you can just get the 32bit plugins....simple.

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Re: FireFox java pluggin AMD64

Post by rogene » 2007/07/26 00:40:06

I am also trying to install 32-bit version of firefox on my 64-bit architecture. I want to be sure that I understand everything before I unstall this current version.

I added these lines to my Base-repo file:

name=CentOS-$releasever - Base 32bit

name=CentOS-$releasever - Updates 32bit

But I still only find the installed 64-bit version
[root@localhost yum.repos.d]# yum list all | grep firefox
firefox.x86_64 installed

What did I miss?


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