x86_64 4.1 ISOs

Support for the other architectures (X86_64, s390(x) and PowerPC)
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x86_64 4.1 ISOs

Post by tas50 » 2005/06/16 17:31:39

I will be getting my first x86_64 server in the next few weeks and I'm planning to load up CentOS 4.1 on it. I'd love to use the x86_64 edition since I'm paying for the extra 32 bits, but it doesn't look like there are ISOs for it yet. I guess I can use 4.0 and just update with yum, but I'd like to have CDs for the server that are fairly up to date. Any idea when these ISOs might be out.

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x86_64 4.1 ISOs

Post by dsegall » 2005/06/20 21:39:17


Should be on all the mirrors who actually mirror x86_64 images.

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