IBM iSeries (AS400) install

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IBM iSeries (AS400) install

Post by arrfab » 2005/03/18 19:32:29

Hi guys,

I've already posted such message several weeks ago (before CentOS 4 arrived ...) but does anybody know how to generate a boot.img file for IBM iSeries (AS400) platform ?
I've looked in the CentOS 4 Beta - PPC boot.iso file, and it seems that it can only be installed on a Mac a this time ..
I've read that we can hope to have a pSeries (RS6000) version in a short time, but what about a iSeries version ?
Anyway, i've found that Fedora will release a FC4 for PPC , and it will have iSeries support included (have a look here :

So can somebody tell me how to generate this specific boot.img containing the kernel and initrd ?
Otherwise, i'll try to subscribe to the Fedora devel mailing-list to have this information ...
The goal is to test CentOS 4 on our new iSeries (PPC generation 5 processor).
If i can reach this goal, i'd be happy to contribute in some way to the iSeries part of the CentOS PPC version ...

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IBM iSeries (AS400) install

Post by z00dax » 2005/03/19 02:59:52

FC4/ppc has iSeries and pSeries ( Chrp ) support.

We are currently working on putting together a ppc64 build, as soon as thats done - there will be a beta release. The CentOS4/ppc-beta at this time is only a ppc32 build, and only works on Mac's - there is a rs6000 testing tree online at - but that is again a ppc32 build only.

the ppc64 builds should work for iSeries and pSeries

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