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SSL Certificate

Post by marathonman » 2009/08/17 01:15:36

I'm sure this is an old subject but I can't find the solution on the internet.

When my SSL certificate was nearing expiration I tried creating a new one using genkey as suggested by the messages I was receiving. Genkey did not create the certificate where the old one was so I moved the one created by genkey to the same location as the expiring one. I stopped receiving the message but now apache won't start. (This was all done as su -.)

I have a note in my log from a year ago like this:
my pass phrase

That directory has ca-bundle.crt, make-dummy-cert and Makefile in it. I can't successfully execute genkey from that directory. I'm thinking maybe it's a permissions problem with the new cert but I don't know what it should be and don't want to compromise my server by setting it too loosely.

Any suggestions?


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