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mysql database backup

Posted: 2007/11/27 15:34:18
by hi_vkkadam
I have one question about mysql database backup, i have huge database in my mysql server
i taken backup through phpMyadmin, and using command line import into another system in same database,
but my website's performance is slow, also some tables not working properly,
can i take backup through phpMyadmin or using command line mysql database backup command?

Re: mysql database backup

Posted: 2007/11/27 17:20:41
by pjwelsh
"mysqldump" is the command line default tool for doing what you ask. There are alot of options to consider. Please read the man page for it and google for more generic mysql help.

Note: if it's large, compress the archive with bzip2 (or pbzip2 for multi-cpu bzip action).

mysql database backup

Posted: 2007/11/27 20:24:16
by michaelnel
I use "automysqlbackup", which is a script that makes several generations of daily, weekly, and monthly backups. It uses mysqldump, but wraps it in a bunch of badly needed features.