Linux or Windows Hosting Question

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Linux or Windows Hosting Question

Post by jay0316 » 2007/08/17 17:22:11


My name is Jason, and I am an Assistant Webmaster. The company I work at is bringing our web hosting in house, and I was
hoping you could give us some feedback on using a Linux server. We will eventually have 5 domains we plan on hosting. As their hosting plans expire, we will be adding them to the in house server. We are interested in installing an Ubuntu server, however our IT staff has limited experience with Linux.

Should we also be considering CentOS? Are there advantages to using CentOS over Ubuntu for Web Hosting?

What are common problems that we may run into?

How difficult is it to resolve issues on your own?

Is it difficult to support?

Would you recommend using Ubuntu/Linux server over Windows? Why or Why not?

What is the best Linux Server distribution for web hosting?

Do you recommend CPanel? Why or Why Not?

Any other information/recommendations you can add would be great!

Thanks a lot. Your response will help us to decide whether to install
windows or Linux on our new server.


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Re: Linux or Windows Hosting Question

Post by yyagol » 2007/08/19 04:43:55

[quote]Should we also be considering CentOS? Are there advantages to using CentOS over Ubuntu for Web Hosting?

I would say that any Linux distro is better then Windows, but i would recommend CentOS over Ubuntu
just for a simple fact that CentOS ship with SElinux inside , which is a very advance security method.

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Re: Linux or Windows Hosting Question

Post by foxb » 2007/08/20 13:25:08

My opinion is that security and stability depend much more on Sysadmin knowledge than OS.

Use the OS/Web server your admin is comfortable with.

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Re: Linux or Windows Hosting Question

Post by hi_vkkadam » 2007/11/23 18:08:36

As per my exprience, centos is very stable, reliable, fast, with higher support than ubantu,
i also have inhouse webhosting using centos running from last 2 years constantly without any problem, highly configurable,customizable,
also you can get packges from net using yum with dependancy.
you can setup following services within 2 hours
1) virtual hosting using apache
2) webmail and mail server
3) Proxy
4) DNS server
5) Firewall/router/gateway

also you can keep track of unauthorized access, also control the bandwidth of your site.
using "reverse-proxy" features of apache, you can redirect incoming traffic for perticular address to inside in your lan towards any host

free antivirus,spam protection is there....................
many more Free of cost


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