Mounting a second (crashed) drive

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Mounting a second (crashed) drive

Post by GS-Patrick » 2007/08/02 23:53:32

I have a server that was hacked and it crashed on reboot. The server was a node in a VPS system. Here is what the data center told us:
"the server is throwing multiple seg faults when trying to boot and then requests a file system check, but the fsck is failing due to a bad superblock. Without information on where the backup superblocks are located (it's trying the backups automatically but they report a bad magic number), we may not be able to recover the system at all, and even if we had the superblock info it's possible the hacker has permanently damaged or compromised the machine's file system."
We had the hard drive removed and placed on a working server (both servers were CentOS 4.5). We are now trying to mount the hard drive to recover the virtual machines. We managed to mout the hard drive in the following manner, but the data was not there.

[root@a1273 ~]# mount -t ext3 /dev/sdb2 /mnt
[root@a1273 ~]# cd /mnt/
[root@a1273 mnt]# dir
[root@a1273 mnt]#

The datacenter told us the following:
"Try mounting it using /dev/mapper/VolGroup00/LogVol00 - since it was an LVM partition, you may not be able to mount it using just /dev/sda2 - other than that, as I said, we didn't do anything that would affect the data on the disk."

Does this sound right? If so can you point me to a tutorial to mount the drive in that manner? I am not new to using linux, but mounting drives and such is pretty new to me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Mounting a second (crashed) drive

Post by gerald_clark » 2007/08/03 13:16:47

This will describe ho to use LVM.

If it is using VolGroup00/LogVol00, you cannot mount it on a system that is already
using a VolGroup00.

Try booting a live CD on a machine with no other hard disks attached.
Scan for physical and logical volumes, and then try mounting the logical volume.

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Re: Mounting a second (crashed) drive

Post by GS-Patrick » 2007/08/03 22:46:11

Thanks for the help, at least now I have a direction to go with this.

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