Perl Problem

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Perl Problem

Post by Lethys » 2007/07/17 12:31:14

[code] ./

Failed initialization!
The following modules need to be upgraded to the version shown below
DBD::mysql v3.0008 or newer

You can install the modules listed using either CPAN or if your distro
supports it by installing a binary package with your package manager like
'yum' (fedora / redhat), 'apt-get' or 'aptitude' (debian).

i dont know how to run this script
please help me

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Re: Perl Problem

Post by toracat » 2007/07/17 16:34:10

Try finding the rpm that has this perl module:

yum provides 'perl(DBD::mysql)'

Then install that rpm. I also suggest you enable the RPMforge repository.


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Perl Problem

Post by foxb » 2007/07/17 20:03:13

This version is not provided currently with CentOS 4.x uses 2.9 and 5 - 3.0007.

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