Blocking IP Address's

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Blocking IP Address's

Post by bhernco » 2007/06/07 23:17:54

Aloha, I have a customer who is unable to see his web site from hi home only. He is on oceanic road runner and they informed him that the problem is the wen hosting company, I say it is there em. here is the email they sent me is listed below. I did not change anything and am unable to find a place that is listing blocked ip's. Set to me by Road Runner
We escalated their trace routes to our network engineers who have discovered that the following IP scopes are being blocked from accessing your website.

Can this issue be escalated to remove these IP scopes from being blocked by your domain?

Hawaii Road Runner IP Scopes currently blocked: (per Road Runner engineers: Looks like it's possible that Hernco.Com is blocking traffic from any CPE that falls within that /19)

Please advise.

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