byte range support in CentOS 4.4 default installation

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byte range support in CentOS 4.4 default installation

Post by gveres » 2007/02/19 22:16:44

I recently tried to use "Internet Download Manager" to download something from my website running on CentOS. I am using all the default apache packages that came with the 4.4 images.

The one thing I noticed is that IDM says that my server does not support resume capability. Then I noticed that it was only using a single request to fetch the objects. Normally, it splits the request up into 4 requests and downloads 4 portions of the object at the same time. This really improves download times.

Since my ISP seems to limit a single upload stream to my server, I think the best way to allow people faster downloads is to allow them to use something like IDM.

I think the problem is that by default Apache is not allowing byte range download requests. Hence, IDM can't resume an aborted download, or request multiple chunks of a download at once.

I did a google search but couldn't find any information on how to configure it to honour byte range requests. I did find some information about it using filters to support byte range, but that was as far as I could get.

does some kind sole out there know how to enable this?


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