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Web-based file manager

Posted: 2006/09/18 02:04:50
by dvadell
Does anybody know an open source web based file manager? I need to access some files through a browser, but I need the ability to create users and assign permissions to files for the users. For example:
* I create user "bob"
* I upload a file
* I tell the system that a that file is for bob
* bob logs in and can only access that file.
* Nodoby else can access the file but bob

I would like it not to make a system (e.g. /etc/passwd) user. Any ideas?

-- Diego.

Re: Web-based file manager

Posted: 2006/09/21 21:55:03
by rayman
create bob as an ftp user add a directory under ftp/pub for bob eg.ftp/pub/bob give this directory permissions for only you and bob and then only you and bob can use that directory