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mysql hosting for clients

Posted: 2006/09/01 15:29:19
by weewee

I'm a newbie in mysql databases...
would hosting mysql databases for 50-100 different domains on a single centos server causes the webhosting server to breakdown
when multiple users access the server at the same time?? thus, must mysql database replications be done for this case?



mysql hosting for clients

Posted: 2006/09/04 10:28:34
by taec
It depends on your hardware, but modern PC based hardware / server should be able to have hundreds of databases without much of a problem.

What you're asking is rather like "how long is a piece of string". If you've got the adequate hardware you can have thousands of databases on your system if you like.

Re: mysql hosting for clients

Posted: 2006/09/05 13:29:54
by weewee
oh i see.

thanks for the reply. :-D