Accessing remote Mysql database

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Accessing remote Mysql database

Post by roywikan » 2006/08/16 10:16:09

Im newbie on remote mysql connection.

I have two servers:

Server A:
on my home pc
centos 4.xx
apache 2 on port 8888 (ISP block port 80)
mysql 5.xx on port 3306 opened
dont have domain name assigned, only public ip.
running smoothly
80GB harddisk

Server B:
located 3 hops from server A.
on a shared web hosting
mysql 4.xx
using cPanel
very limited space

Wha should I do to enable access my home pc's MYSQL database (on SERVER A), so i can access it using php script from SERVER B?
Is it needs to add host to cPanel's SERVER B? (or it doesn't has any relationship with this case...?)

Thank You


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Accessing remote Mysql database

Post by foxb » 2006/08/21 14:00:29

What type of address you have on Server A (static/dynamic)

You should be able to do it just need to know how to access it.

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