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Post by pilsentico » 2006/03/11 16:32:12

Hi i buy a license for Ipanel and need Curl/CurlSSl to work. And my hosting have not enable curl/curlssl. They use Centos 4.2 i686. They ask me for the packages curl/curlssl but i don't know where to find them and a installation manual to see if they can install it. Pelase can someone help me on this one. Php vesion is 4.4.1.

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Re: Curl/CurlSSl

Post by mxc4 » 2006/06/14 11:54:34

OK so I will need to recompile php with curl support to get this to work. How do I do that in centos? I am used to gentoo where the sources are part of the system and then one just compiles when using the emerge tool.

I know to run ./configure, make, make install but where do I get the sources from?



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