Installing VHCS on CentOS

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Installing VHCS on CentOS

Post by brohism » 2006/03/10 13:00:50

I'm trying to install VHCS control panel on my CentOS. I'm following the following tutorial to install it:


I am running into some problems.

1) I can't seem to get proftpd to install properly from source. I was able to compile the source and when I ran 'make install' it didn't come back with any errors, but it's not in /etc/init.d. Is proftpd on the yum repositories?

2) MCrypt: I need libmcrypt and libmcrypt-devel to be able to install php-mcrypt, but I can't seem to find them on the yum repositories. What are they called on the repositories, or are they not on the repositories?

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Re: Installing VHCS on CentOS

Post by kdavies » 2006/04/26 13:15:33

If your yum repos is up to date, have you tried

yum install libmcrypt

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