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Remove Apache

Posted: 2005/09/19 10:20:46
by thim
I have a problem concerning the apache webserver automaticly installed in CentOS 4.0.

I want to use Apache 1.3.3 so i installed apache 1.3.3 but everytime i stop & start the apache 1.3.3 the standard apache 2.0 from centos 4.0 becomes my webserver.

Is there a manner to remove the standard apache 2.0 from centos 4.0 or a way so that the apache 2.0 never gets activated?

Remove Apache

Posted: 2005/09/26 19:37:07
by netty
It looks like it is just the apache2.0 default html page if you are saying this based on what you see as default page, as you havent clarified here. If it is incorrect init script, then remove apache2 with command "rpm -e httpd" and install apache 1.3. If you know good, then just replace it with the correct init script.

Re: Remove Apache

Posted: 2005/11/02 07:15:24
by devendrameena
For Remove The Apache

Try This Command

#yum remove httpd