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Link into Http webserver

Posted: 2005/05/13 19:36:40
by Steph

I did try to plac a link into a my folder /var/www/htnl/pub/(link folder)
I did use : ' ln -s /home/user1 /var/www/html/pub
Unfortunately, ALL my links are not visible on the Web !!

Any why ??

PS: this, was working on WhiteBoxLinux.....

My httpd.conf is attached..

Thanks in advance


Link into Http webserver

Posted: 2005/05/14 17:12:40
by z00dax
permissions issue ?

Re: Link into Http webserver

Posted: 2005/05/16 21:42:15
by cormander
Make sure the directory has the following enabled either by a httpd.conf file or .htacess file:

Options FollowSymLinks

Some distrobutions have this disabled by default, which would give you permission denied when you try to view a web page over a symlink.

Also, make sure the user who is running httpd has read access to the full path of the symlink, and the files you're targeting.

Re: Link into Http webserver

Posted: 2005/06/15 14:46:15
by dsegall
This could also be an selinux issue. I remember having a hell of a time getting anything that wasn't in the web docroot accessible.