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Posted: 2005/04/16 17:25:50
by bartlomiej

I'm new to CentOS. I've been searching for something like Debian's aptitude in CentOS. A software to install and upgrade software using packages. I know there is RPM, but how can I browse avalible packeges and download them automaticaly with all others packeges that are needed?

Is there a such tool to do this in CentOS? Is there a method to update all packeges I have installed? (maybe not to the newest versions, but autamatically make security updates etc...)

If anyone could help me, I'd be glad. Also if you know any manual about administrating via SSH (this on CentOS web page is still reffering to graphical tools) please let me know.

Re: Aptitude?

Posted: 2005/04/18 04:32:09
by zietbukuel
You could try with this:

# yum makecache
# yum install apt

# yum install synaptic

Hope this helps :-D

note: all commands as root.


Posted: 2005/04/18 13:17:17
by devil
Keep yr questions in one forum, dont go pasting the same in all the forums,

go thru older posts u find lots of ref to YUM repos