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ssh2 starting problem

Posted: 2008/07/15 16:01:09
by roland_br
When I try to start sshd I have the following message:
Starting of sshd:sshd: WARNING: Default configuration file "/etc/ssh2/sshd2_config" does not exist
: WARING: ssh_privkey_read from /etc/ssh2/hostkey failed
: FATAL: Unable to load any hostkeys

Before this message he starts creating the rsa and dsa keys in /etc/ssh

This problem started when I was trying to sync 2 servers with rsync. I used ssh_keygen to generate a key, and suddenly this event started.

How can I solv this problem? Or get rid of this ssh2 thing.

It is quit urgent because I cannot login this server from another server using ssh. Putty works fine using port 22. Why is this? Because putty is also using ssh I thought.

Thanks for your help


Re: ssh2 starting problem

Posted: 2008/07/15 18:15:38
by gerald_clark
Where did you get the sshd?
The openssh-server that comes with CentOS 4 uses /etc/ssh not /etc/ssh2.

Re: ssh2 starting problem

Posted: 2008/09/26 03:54:32
by kylehase
If you can connect with putty then at least one instance of SSHD is running. That's good.

It sounds as if you tried to copy/paste hostkey authentication config lines from some online tutorial but it's possible that the tutorial was not written for CentOS/RHEL. As Gerald Clark pointed out, your paths are probably wrong so you either need to edit the paths to reflect CentOS paths. You didn't actually install another SSHD did you?